And So It Goes

I might lose power soon (other than social power that is, which I may have already lost).

The rain will come today, off-shooting from the scary hurricane Florence. Last year we got a bit of Irma, wind speeds of 60 mpr – nothing compared to what Florence will be putting out on the coast: around 130 mpr. I thought that a wind speed of 60 was scary, having lived in California for many years.

I used to joke to friends: California HAS no weather! I LIKE that in an environment!

Dear poor sad dry burnt California: I love you and miss you.

Last fall/winter we lost power for a week. Damn that was tedious. I was saved by my MAGLITE – and my old Sony Walkman (damn, discontinued!).

My first summer here was a bear though involved no actual bears that I know of. Avoiding a toxic camper, I sat in the back yard getting sunburned as bugs flew down my throat.

Summer temps can get into the 90’s from April through September, with high humidity. Then, the winter here was double digits, lows of 16 degrees (of course much of the country was experiencing such lows at that time.) Climate change has become much more real and scary.

I remain,



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