Creature Feature: Procyon Lotor

When we rented a cabin at California’s Kit Carson Lodge, it was wonderful. It was quiet, having only a few cabins, with a small restaurant up front. It was located on a mountain lake.

After dark we built a fire in the fireplace. It was a peaceful vibe.

I heard something gently scratching at the front door. Opening the door, I saw a small animal in the dark. It stood on two legs and extended its seemingly delicate hands.

It was a raccoon! I was scared of it at first. “RABIES!” people had always screamed at me, in regards to various creatures.

I found some food for it and it gently took it and scampered off.  I closed the door.

A few minutes later there was another scratch at the door.  Raccoon was back – with her babies!

They seemed to be trick-or-treating! They all came in,  got a snack, and stayed for a few minutes.

Then it was time for them to go. They had other cabins to visit I think!

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